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Today was 'flashback day' with two of my best friends.

I finally got to spend half a day with my best friend Flor. She's been really busy with school and hospital duties ('cause she's a nursing student), and we barely saw each other these past few months. I was still in my night dress (actually, it was just a biiiig shirt --> ok, overshare!) playing some classical pieces when she got to my house. We went to the hospital to visit our good ole friend Jeng (aka JR, Conrad, Christopher... bwahaha!) who just had an appendectomy. We stayed there for about an hour and we reminisced our puberty and early adolescent days...

♠ Flor, Teddi, and I, calling up guys and pretending to be Camille, Audrey, and Amy
♠ Going out at 6 am to jog around the village but ending up at my house to eat shitloads of longganisa, bacon, daing na bangus, and fried rice for breakfast
♠ Jeng, Alvin, and Vincent, sending drobo messages to our pagers (yes, remember the 'pager' era?)
♠ Jeng, showing up at our barkada swimming party wearing a barong
♠ Having 3-way conferences in the wee hours of the morning
♠ Wearing neutral gray shirts at the opening ceremony of the sportsfest to stay neutral 'cause the boys might notice which team we were siding with
♠ Setting up a water fight against the D boys, who claimed victory with the help of their scooters
♠ Jeng, formulating his hypotheses and theories on our puppy love stories
♠ Jeng, having to endure our 4-year infatuation with *toot* and *toot*

and a whole lot more. :)

One of our friends is giving birth in less than a month, and we're throwing her a baby shower on Sunday. Flor and I decided to go to the mall to buy baby stuff, but we ended up having dinner instead. It was fun talking to her again. I realized we went through the same things and it felt good that someone understood what I had experienced. MY BEST FRIEND IS BACK! No, scratch that. I NEVER LOST MY BEST FRIEND. ♥

Sleepover after the baby shower! Whoopee! I love my friends... sisters! :D
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