C'est le ton qui fait la chanson... (bluelass) wrote,
C'est le ton qui fait la chanson...

I've been bumming around for the past two weeks and I'm loving it. I go out on sporadic gimmicks and hangouts with my barkada, but most of the time I'm here at home, wasting away. Hahaha!

I have so many plans for this year. Lemme see...

♠ take Hi166 this summer (along with my OJT)
♠ take French conversation classes at Alliance Francaise de Manille
♠ treat myself weekly at Taco Bell and Bread Talk
♠ do something with my hair (dye? new haircut?)
♠ read more philosophical readings (haha!)
♠ collect books on French culture and cuisine (want to learn more about tisane, foie gras, fromage et vin, et cetera !)
♠ take German 1 next semester
♠ take Euro 21 next semester
♠ watch French films at Alliance
♠ babysit my friend's baby (whee!)
♠ be less tardy :p

I am such a Europhile! :D
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