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10 years ago I...
- was in 3rd grade.
- was confined in the hospital for a week (measles!) and had to stay home for 3 weeks... so I was absent for a month!
- went to the States for the second time.

5 years ago I...
- went to Bangkok with my family and Ate Val's family! :)
- became the class vice president for the first time (forever secretary haha).
- was delinquent. Wahahaha! (got the lowest grades in my pre-college academic history haha)

1 year ago I...
- was crushing on a little Chinese boy (hehehe).
- went to Singapore! Waaah!
- spent Christmas in Davao! Wheee!

Yesterday I...
- downloaded Lost and Grey's Anatomy! --> ♥
- had dinner at Mister Kabab (yum!) with Mac, Mica, Sharky, and Richard.
- had Moroccan Mint Tea Latte + Choco Fudge Cake + Blueberry cheesecake at Coffee Bean Promenade and saw Pau and Anne Go. :)

5 snacks I enjoy...
- Cheetos + Minute Maid OJ
- white cheese pizza from Sbarro
- chicken enchilada from Tia Maria's
- Chipotle Roast Chicken sandwich from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
- chocolate! Reese's peanut butter cups, York, Crunch!

5 songs I know all the words to...
- Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional
- 23 by Jimmy Eat World
- Gifts and Curses by Yellowcard
- 'Til There Was You by The Beatles
- Idlip by Imago

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars...
- buy myself a new laptop, a new iPod, a new desktop, and all other techy stuff!
- travel around Europe with my barkada (libre na lahat!)
- buy a house in Southern France (i.e., Nice) or in Monaco
- buy lots of musical instruments and build a house (yes, a HOUSE) for weekend jamming haha.
- keep the rest in the bank

5 places I would run away to...
- Singapore
- Bramasole in Tuscany or Positano (watch Under the Tuscan Sun!)
- Beaune, France
- my relatives' place in Davao
- Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
(Grabe, ang sossy ko naman! Hahaha!)

5 places I would love to go to..
- Porto, Portugal
- Tokyo, Japan (not just in Narita, ok? haha)
- Prague, Czech Republic
- Africa! esp Rabat and Casablanca, Morocco (French-speaking Africans... aaaah!)
- Kathmandu, Nepal

5 things I would never wear...
- flowery tops
- butterfly clips
- anything neon
- icky hair accessories (same here, Ems!)
- disc earrings and retro-ish bangles

5 favorite TV shows...
- Friends
- The O.C.
- Grey's Anatomy
- Small Wonder (Ems!!! Haha. The Lawsons! Old school!)
- Crystal Maze (woohoo old school!)

5 bad habits...
- laziness
- procrastination
- tardiness (!!!)
- gluttony
- sleeping without switching the tv off

5 biggest joys...
- listening to music / performing / making music / talking music with friends
- traveling
- eating Jap, Chinese, Italian food, and chocolate! (pigging out with my barkada)
- riding subways
- learning foreign languages

5 fictional characters I would date...
- Seth Cohen (The O.C.)
- Harry Burns (When Harry Met Sally)
- Ross Geller (Friends)
- Jack Shepard (Lost)
- Max Pennington (Sweet Valley University: Elizabeth) --> special edition. Nyahahahaha!!! :))

5 People I'm Tagging
- Ryce
- Surot
- Nicole
- Raffy
- Rica
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